So… Im Still Not A Millionaire

Yes, its true.

I did not win the $640 MILLION jackpot.

*insert sobs here*

Im not really a fan of the whole “spend-all-your-money-on-the-1-in-1-trillion-chance-that-you’ll-get-lucky-and-win-the-lotto” buuuuuuut I confess– I was intrigued by the possibility and a tad bit let down by the realization that I did not win. But— and there is ALWAYS a but— Ive learned not to allow situations I have no control over to disappoint me.

Life has not been the easiest— especially not childhood, buuuut it has increasingly gotten better over the years. I am a positive, spiritual, and happy young woman. Without the riches of this world, I am still able to relish in the joys of just being healthy and alive and having children, a husband, family, and friends who also share those same blessing.

I mean, dont get me wrong— the “simple” things dont overshadow the fact that I could have done SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH with those winnings. In fact, this is the blog post of a woman who had a list of things she would have done IMMEDIATELY after winning. I’ll entertain you all with my “MILLIONAIRE TO-DO LIST”. In the future, when you notice these things occurring— you’ll know whats up.

1) JUMP UP AND DOWN CRYING WITH JOY thanking God for His unlimited blessings upon my life — even though “they” say the lotto is the devil’s game. What do “THEY” know anyway?

2) Quit my job — the good ol’ “No-Call-No-Show” method which is typically frowned upon. In your face GBH! lol

 3) Calculate my tithes based on the imaginary number I’d expect to recieve after the government robs me and calls it taxes.

4) Delete my FB and Twitter accounts

5) BLOG about how AWESOME i feel— but never disclose the reason— SECRECY is key to not going broke after winning. I dont need my gazillion curently non-existent “cousins” to suddenly want a family reunion.

6) Start looking at homes— RELOCATION is MANDATORY. Pluuuuus, I have been wanting to get out of Miami for THEE longest.

7) Start looking at cars— gotta say ADIOS to my good ol handy-dandy 96′ Toyota Corolla.

8) Calculate ALL debt — starting first with the mountain of student loans and health bills.

9) ReVamp my organization– The Miami Young Wives Club ❤

10) Start adding items to online shopping carts at every store I love— to purchase once the check comes in lol


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