Maybe I was naive.

Or blind.

Or simply too trusting in a People who would elect a BLACK man as its President.

I honestly did not think something of THIS caliber could occur in this day and age.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are well aware of the Trayvon Martin case. For those who may not be as aware— Trayvon Martin was a 17-year-old young man senselessly MURDERED by a self-proclaimed neighborhood watch cop who deemed him “suspicious”. He claims self-defense but Trayvon Martin, though donned in a hoodie, was only armed with an Arizona Iced Tea and a bag of Skittles.  The coward who SHOT HIM IN THE CHEST has NOT been arrested yet although it has been nearly a month since his murder.

Initial reports of this story went ignored. I am not one to watch the news often because it is so depressing so I was a little late in getting the details. A few friends from FB began writing status messages about Trayvon’s murder and that is when I finally realized the magnitude of what had and is taking place.

It truly baffles me that this case had to gather INTERNATIONAL attention before it became a priority for the Sanford Police Dept. An INNOCENT child was MURDERED and nothing has been done about it…. nothing would have been done about it if the parents were not as strong and persistent as they have been.  The parents have played a pivotal role in ensuring justice is served for their son and I commend them on standing up for him.

The details of this story are so sordid that I cannot even begin to list them here without pissing myself off yet again… but what more recent analysis have revealed is the utter hatred of George Zimmerman for the black race. Although I am not trying to make this a racial ordeal ((and I dont have to because it already is)) but during his 911 phone call George Zimmerman is heard to say “f**k**g COON” under his breath. Aside from his blatant admittance to murdering this young man, aside from the FACT that Travon Martin was UNARMED, aside from the FACT that he FOLLOWED Trayvon Martin, aside from aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall of these things, the racial slur should land him a bullet in the face night in jail.

The response to Travon Martin’s murder has been phenomenal— aside from the stupidity and lack of motivation intelligence within the Sanford Police Dept, people around the world have joined together to support this cause and bring JUSTICE for Travon Martin’s family and loved ones. I have signed the petition demanding Zimmerman’s arrest and conviction. You can also support this cause and SIGN THE PETITION BY CLICKING THIS LINK —->  http://www.change.org/petitions/travon-martin-justice-2.

It seems rather cliche but I think ALL cliches apply for this horrendous crime— IF YOU DONT STAND FOR SOMETHING, YOU WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING. As a people, as human beings, we CANNOT let this get swept under the rug. We CANNOT allow the death of this INNOCENT CHILD to be in vain. We must stand TOGETHER ((BLACK, WHITE, HISPANIC, ASIAN, AFRICAN, EVERYONE UNDER THE SUN)) and DEMAND JUSTICE! We have to. We have to. We have to.


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