Netta Unveiled: 26 Facts

In honor of my 26th birthday TOMORROW, I decided to do this special Birthday Edition post of 26 Facts You May Not Know About Me. I hope you enjoy this moment of “getting to know me”.

*drum roll*

1. I am deathly afraid of birds. Yea, I know what ure thinking. I promise I am not a wimp. They just freak me the hell out and its NOT funny. o_O

2. I love wearing makeup. I used to be all “Im-100-percent-naturally-beautiful-hear-me-roar” but now Im more “Im-naturally-beautiful-but-give-me-some-eyeshadow” lol ((Now if only I could learn how to apply it myself lol

3. I love BIG dogs! Those little “accessory” dogs do nothing for me lol Im used to having dogs named “KILLER” not “Fluffy”. The hubby is preeeeeetty scared of those kind though so :/

4. I recently fell in love with the color Coral. It is beautiful! Im pretty ashamed because it is in the Pink family and Im totally anti-girly girl but if you dont tell— I wont.

5. I really want to learn how to pole-dance and booty clap. Im not too shabby right now ((if I must say so myself… and Im sure I must say so myself because the hubby wont agree LMAO

6. My FRIENDS are few and far between and Im ok with that.

7. I wish I were a better poet. I good but I know I could be muuuuuch better if I dedicated more time to perfecting my craft. There just arent enough hours in a day…

8. I have never owned/tried/operated a sex toy… and if u want to buy me something for my birthday… this is a hint lol

9. I recently realized what a sweet tooth is… and I have a mouth full of them apparently. Darn chocolate.

10. I no longer want a huge fairytale wedding. Instead, I pray and work hard to have a fairytale marriage ♥

11. I still dont know for sure what I want to be when I “grow up”… even though my 10-year high school reunion is staring me in my face.

12. I have a ridiculous shoe obsession and it breaks my heart that Im unable to indulge the way that I’d like to.

13. I believe God knows the heart but being a “good person” isnt enough to get into heaven. 

14.  I battled post-partum depression. I dont think anyone was aware ((except my husband)) but it was a very difficult time for me after the birth of my daughter.

15.  I collect nail polish.

16. I took the longest road trip of my life to Washington, DC from Miami with my grandparents when I was 12 to do poetry. Talk about loooooooooooooong rides.

17. I always wanted to be a dancer but now I get to live vicariously through my daughter the way fathers live through their athletic sons LOL

18. I want more kids… after I own a home, have a successful stable career, have a hefty savings account, and find a way to guarantee an epidural this time around. What? Thats unrealistic? Ok… I dont want anymore kids. LOL

19. Im a HUGE procrastinator.

20. I love shopping when I dont have to check price tags. Retail therapy is AMAZING!

21. I have NEVER smoked a cigarette or done ANY drugs in my entire life… and I will NEVER indulge in these things.  #CrackKills

22. I enjoy lazy days at home with my husband.

23. I like experimenting with new recipies.

24. I believe there is a such thing as soul mates and unconditional love.

25.  Im smarter than I lead people to believe. IDK why but Im working on changing that. My daughter is picking up on the habit and Im not happy about it.

26. I am very emotional… on both sides of the spectrum. In an effort to maintain my reputation Im just gonna say Im PASSIONATE lol


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