This is EXACTLY how I feel…

It sucks when you are COMPLETELY DRAINED and those who should empathize with your DAILY routine make snide INCONSIDERATE remarks like ” You signed up for this so no excuses”.

I mean, who says that? Like, really?

It just baffles me.

But… God didnt make me a wimp.

He definitely didnt make me weak.

And even though I can barely get behind the wheel of my car without catching a few zzzzs at the red light, I know there is more for me in life so Im not going to let this deter me.

I do what I need to do for my family. Its hard to be perfect when you are a full time employee and full time student buuuuut I thank God for the wisdom to know perfection is only achieved through Him.

GN people.

I’ll be clocking out in T + 24 minutes.

The 4 hour sleep will begin at approximately 1AM… yippee. Im so excited.



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