Take A Deep Breath, Netta

I keep having these conversations with myself where my self is life, “Take a deep breath, Netta”.

One thing I have learned over the years is TAKE EVERYTHING IN STRIDE. In the end, everything happens when it is supposed to happen. I am a strong believer in God and I believe He is an all-KNOWING and all-POWERFUL God SO with this belief, I know it makes no sense to try to rush time or to make things happen when I want them to.

Even with this knowledge, I cannot help but feel overwhelmed at times when things dont go the way I want them to. I try to take everything with a grain of salt… and I attempt to live the “Hakuna Matata” way of life… but its not always the easiest thing to do when the people around you seem to be alive juuuuuust to make things difficult.

I keep having these conversations with myself where my self is life “Take a deep breath, Netta”.

Have u ever been in a situation where you know you were wrong to a degree, but the person who you “wronged” takes it to the extreme and draaaaaaaaaaaaags it out. Like, come on. It makes u just wanna grab them by the face and scream “Its not THAT serious!!!”But then the other part of you is all like “Take a deep breath, Netta”. I dont want to make anyone’s feelings seem insignificant… and I dont wanna downplay anyone’s emotions— if you feel a certain way, you have a right to those feelings. BUT there must be a rule somewhere in the book of life that says “Dont hold grudges!”… especially when the situation is more of a misunderstanding than a direct insult to you (the offended).

I promised myself that I would do things differently this year. 2011 went out with a BANG— one I am not proud of— and this year I am taking a better ((more humble)) approach to situations.  I will think first and react later. I will let things slide off of my back without allowing it to effect me to the point where I retaliate/respond. I am learning that I can “turn the other cheek” and that the “eye for an eye” approach will not be a part of who I am in 2012 and the years to follow.

When faced with a difficlut/upsetting/ridiculous situation, I’ve learned to listen to the voice saying “Take a deep breath, Netta”. ♥



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