Out With The Old…

This will be my final post of 2011…


Sometimes our past comes to haunt us… But sometimes its just BS the devil has thrown on the Road of Happiness to cause confusion and chaos. Its hard to decipher what’s real and what’s not when in the heat of the moment. Decisions made while extremely emotional are poor decisions…

So… I refuse to make any choices in the state of mind I’m currently in.

What I will do is share some goals I created while clear headed. I know tons of people have joined the bandwagon to go against New Year Resolutions but I’m still #TeamResolution.

My main resolution is to live a life pleasing to GOD. Admittedly, I haven’t been off the chain but sin is sin.

I want to stop drinking… for good. No sippy sippy… No champagne to toast the New Year in… No more delicious margaritas with extra salt around the rim. Pray for me.

I will get more focused on my studies and finish school.

I will embody a healthier lifestyle… Less fast food, more exercise && lose an unspecified amount of weight.

I will be a better wife… More honest, more understanding, more respectful, more submissive… && get back to the days when I used to make his lunch. Lol

I will be a better mother… Spend more quality time with my daughter, have date nights with my son, laugh more, fuss less… && no spanking. Well, less spanking lol

I will be a better friend… making more time for those I truly consider.friends. I’m sure I’ve neglected them all at some point this year.

I will arrange my PRIORITIES, live WITHIN my means, and be the SOURCE of my own happiness.

I will chase my dreams…

&& catch them before this time next year.

2011 has NOT been all sunshine and roses… But it hasn’t been complete thunderstorms and dead flowers either. I lost my grandfather this year… And others whom I loved. But in their passing, I learned the value of life and of cherishing the moment. I dont go into 2012 expecting my life to be perfect… Even though I have good intentions. However, I do expect to control those things I am able to. I expect to change those things I am able to. I am able to be the woman GOD created me to be…

… And I know it is possible.

I am thankful for friends, family, & EVERYONE I have the PLEASURE of sharing my life with.

I work tonight and will most likely bring 2012 in with God stuck in traffic trying to leave Miami Beach… But I wish you all a happy, prosperous, safe, and BLESSED new year!!!

SN: Whatever drama you have on this day, will NOT fade into oblivion by midnight. Sometimes we cannot control our situations entirely, but we have complete control over our REACTION to it. Despite what you are going through, bring in 2012 with a SMILE and a PRAISE… if for no other reason than you are on this side of the ground. Be thankful for the breath in your lungs, the heartbeat in your chest… And the ability to see the clock strike 12. 2012 WILL BE A GOOD YEAR BECAUSE GOD HAS GIVEN POWER TO THE TONGUE AND IF YOU SPEAK ON IT, IT SHALL BE! 🙂


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