You Know You’re Married When…

I found this interesting ((and entertaining)) article at

Im only sharing those things I could directly relate to. You should check out the article in its entirety. Its great♥


You no longer feel it’s necessary to close the door when you pee.

You kiss your spouse first thing in the morning without bothering to brush your teeth first.

You always have someone to kiss.

Sometimes, you don’t comb your hair or wear make up.

If some flatulence flies out, you no longer get embarrassed.

Sweat pants and a T-shirt count as an outfit during the weekend.

You can go to sleep without having sex – and it doesn’t mean anything.

You feel naked without your wedding ring.

Nesting at home is more appealing than a night on the town.

You find yourself humming more often.

You’ve had at least one silly argument about something like leaving the cap off the toothpaste.

You intimately know the wonders of make-up sex.

You’ve never been happier. ♥♥♥


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