How Many Languages Can You Say “DISGUSTING” In?


While browsing through the January edition of Redbook Magazine, I came across a peculiar ad in the top right corner of the page I was reading. This tiiiiny bit of space advertized a product called the “Diva Cup”. Being the diva that I am…. I was intrigued.  

The ad read “Simplify your busy life. Join women worldwide who have revolutionized their periods with the Diva Cup! Eco-friendly, reliable, comfortable, and clean. Available nationwide”

So, in my mind, Im all like Alright. Alright. Alright. Somebody done’ gone and revolutionized periods. Sign me up! LOL I immediately headed to the infamous Diva Cup website to find out what this whole Diva movement was about… since its “worldwide” and all.

Upon entering the site… and scrolling to the more in-depth description of said “Diva Cup”, I felt less like a Diva and more like I wanted to vomit. Frankly, I do not see anything diva-esque about inserting a cup thingee inside the walls of your vagina, leaving it in for 12 hours, collecting the menstrual flow, emptying said cup, washing out said cup, and reinserting said disgustingness BACK INTO YOUR VAGINA!  *gag*

The creators of the Diva Cup actually go on to say the concept is hundreds of years old… and how “divas” can go-green! Like seriously… I went green alright. Isnt that the color cartoon characters turn once theyve been reduced to gag status?! Seriously though, how can you compare THIS mess to using paper bags instead of plastic ones… and recycling? Screw Mother Earth if I have to collect a cup filled with freakin’ blood and whatever else escapes during that damned time of the month, empty it out… freakin’ CLEAN IT… and then put it back inside of my vagina! To hell with that… I’d rather use a million aerosol cans and wipe the ozone layer clear out of existance!

Maybe its just me. Im not much of a tampon girl either… idk. They claim the Diva Cup will soon be the norm… just like the once frowned upon tampon… but tugging at a string and COLLECTING, EMPTYING, WASHING, AND REUSING a menstrual collector is just plain DISGUSTING.

And for the record, I can say disgusting in 5 lamguages♥

Pronounciations not included lol

Spanish – repugnante

French – dégoûtant

Arabic – مثير للاشمئزاز

German – widerlich

What do you think? Check out the website and let me know your thoughts on the Diva Cup!



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