&& This Is What I Call…

…Super Nanny-esque Parenting!

As mentioned in the prior post, the hubby and I decided to take an alternative approach to parenting. I took the liberty of researching different techniques and methods to incorporate into our current parenting style. Instead of the good ol’ fashioned method of spank now, ask questions NEVER– I went directly to the source: Super Nanny! Idk how many of you have watched an episode of the show, but Super Nanny is the modern day Mary Poppins. She’s all “spoon full of sugar, mixed with a minute of cool down on the naughty step.

We decided on a few techniques that I’d like to share.


Our rules are simple. We incorporated every aspect of respect because we want to teach them the importance of being polite, using kind words, using their inside voices when appropriate, not name calling, etc. The last rule: ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH is a very important one. We teach them that even if they have done something wrong, they shouldnt lie about it. Lying does not eliminate you from punishment. It only prolongs what is already going to happen. So far, they do well on this one but we decided to make it an official rule anyway.


Super Nanny suggests the following sequence of consequences:

1) Warning – Example: If our son calls our daughter a name, we would say “TJ, what rule are you breaking right now”, or “TJ, remember rule #9 says No Name Calling. Apologize to your sister”. The apology must ALWAYS occur. If he/she refuses to apologize, they will be placed out of the room/area until an apology takes place. At that time, he/she will have to explain their actions to one of us.

2) Punishment – If TJ chooses to name-call again, after recieving the warning, we will implement a form of punishment— no TV for the rest of the night, no sleepover, no playing with toys, etc. The punishment depends on the offense and how many times it occurs.

Last, but not least: REWARDS

Boy: Pirates and Ships
Girl: Flowers and Fairies

The rewards charts go from 1 to 10. Each time a child does something good, and is acknowledged for it, he/she will be allowed to move their person to the next number on the chart. Once they reach #10, they are able to CHOOSE the reward of their choice. They can choose if they want ice cream, a trip to the park, a toy, a story read to them, etc etc. The choices are endless. They cannot ask us to move their number. The parent will initiate the move based on the positive behavior shown… and not all positive behaviors are rewarded.

So far, its been in place 2 days. We’ve been sticking to it and they have been really attentive to the rules. I love it!


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