Sharing Spaces♥

Our lease will be expiring early next year and our new home will most likely be  a 2-bedroom as opposed to the ideal 3-bedroom of our dreams. In this instance, our children (boy and girl) will be sharing living quarters. They dont mind because they are self-proclaimed best friends… HOWEVER, they definitely have different views on the way the room should be decorated. Iyana is totally 100% girly, Hello Kitty, pink princess, butterflies, and everything sugar and spice. At the same time, TJ is 100% manly boy. He wants nothing but sports, Hotwheels, and bugs. Totally opposite taste but ONE ROOM.

We have already decided that we would get them twin beds… possibly positioned on opposite sides of the room. Iyana’s side would be girly and TJs side would be manly. But somehow we have to make it fit. Ive been searching the net for different ideas to mesh it all together. The place we will hopefully move into will be our home for a few years so we want it to be PERFECT♥

Here are some of the ideas I fell in looooove with:

Isnt this the cutest!?
This one is simple♥
Talk about spacious!

My husband is noticing how excited I am… even though we arent moving into our new place until the New Year. Im just reeeally hype because I know we’re going to be there for a few years… and I want everything to be perfect. Im also looking for livingroom/dining room ideas♥ I plan to undertake some DIY tasks… we shall see.


2 thoughts on “Sharing Spaces♥

    1. The only reason Im not fond of the last one is because we’re not moving into a castle LOL It looks like it requires a ton of space! We plan to give them the largest room buuuuut I think its more feasible to do Option 1♥ I looove the last one too… if we had the space to do it.

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