Pardon My French BUT…

Qui la baise pensez-vous que vous!

After picking my daughter up from a weekend with family, she announces “Mommy, ____ says you never do my hair”.


I immediately became infuriated… and quite frankly, my feelings were hurt.

The statement itself is completely FALSE but the fact that this particular individual made the comment really upset me. After all of these years of knowing each other, I thought we had moved to a level where we RESPECTED ONE ANOTHER. Although we are not flesh and blood, I definitely consider this individual to be a part of my family. Undeniably. I have grown to value her opinion… and knowing that her opinion of me ((and the manner in which I raise/present my daughter )) is so low truly struck a nerve.

Since I do feel we have this bond, I allowed myself to chill out for a day before approaching her about the incident. We spoke about it via telephone… and she apologized for the misunderstanding. She denies making that specific statement but instead said something to the effect of “I wish your mom wouldve done your hair before you came over because Im really too tired to do it”.  Im going to accept that as truth because I want to believe that she wouldnt insult me to that degree. o_O

I just want to say this… IT DOES NOT MAKE SOMEONE A BAD PARENT BECAUSE THEY BRUSH THEIR CHILD’S HAIR INTO A PONYTAIL EVERY NOW AND AGAIN. Period. I am so tired of people pretending that they have always had the best hairstyles or their parents kept them dressed to the 9s! I am not simply saying this in response to the aorementioned incident. I just see too much focus being placed on how young GIRLS hair is being kept… and I know from experience that a professional hairdo does NOT equate to love.

There is NOT a single soul that I know that has not worn a ponytail… hell,even in highschool. It is not the norm to have your hair done up with hairpins, ribbons, butterflies, and shit. I make sure my daughter looks her best MONDAY THRU FRIDAY. The weekend is hair breathing time. I take out whatever hairdo I did (frohawk, twists, ponytails, beads, etc) and let her hair relax. SUnday night, its business as usual and I get her ready for Monday. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with this method.

I keep my children clean. Even if I do not spend my last buying the latest fashions and designer clothing, my children DO NOT look throwed away. Period. I do not pretend to be the most perfect parent. BUT I take care of my children. I do not need them to look like porcelain dolls in order for the world to know they are well taken care of and loved unconditionally. My children look like HAPPY children. They have smudges on their clothes from time to time from LIVING like children should live… CAREFREE. My daughter often has a hair out of place from running around playing football with her brother… my son may have a tear in his jeans for the exact same reason. My children are happy… and cute as hell. && that is all that matters.



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