This Probably Says Alot About Me Buuuut…

… I can totally relate to certain portions of Love & HipHop.  o_O

No, Im not proposing to a dude. Although, sometimes the way proposals occur… well, nevermind.

Millions of people tune in weekly to reality shows filled with hood shenanigans, ratchet behavior, gossip, and foolishness… always expecting a laugh, never expecting a lesson. However, I must admit, the latest dose of foolishness actually made me take an introspective look at my current situation.

Watching “Love & Hip Hop”, I could see a lot of my friends ((and myself)) in Emily’s position. I imagine we have all been tried to the point that she was… at one time or another… by one fool or another. I am so proud of Emily for moving forward with her life WITHOUT the added baggage of being with the not-so-fabulous Fab. The last episode truly showed a myriad of emotions that women go through when dealing with good for nothing men… embarrassment, anger, low self-esteem, feelings of hopelessness, and ultimately, ((AND MOST IMPORTANTLY)) the feeling that we deserve better.

What’s crazy is that although Emily has decided she is leaving him… and although they (she and Fab) have discussed it… she still admits she is undeniably in love with him AND she still wants things to work. She hopes ((like many of us do)) that her leaving will show him that he isn’t NEEDed in her life and ultimately invoke a spirit of change within him. Do I believe it is possible? Yes. Do I think this change will take place anytime soon? For Fab… um…Nope.

Hos… I mean, “single women” like Kimbella ß-what type of name is that?!— make monogamy for these losers even more unattainable. They throw their twats at these men like Lil Wayne throws dollars at KOD on fight night. Is that an excuse for infidelity? Of course not. But even the Bible warns us of how WEAK the flesh is. Hell, I’m 99% a good girl and even I have had my moments of weakness. That’s neither here nor there… I do believe men in the entertainment industry, the pro-athlete field, and whatever else celebrity-ism that surges them into mass-groupie-dom ARE indeed capable of being faithful… once they CHOOSE to do so.

All men are not dogs by some inherent twist of fate. It just so happens that all of them make the choice to be so. *shrugs* Its complete bs really. BUT I believe women allow it… because we choose to follow our hearts and not our heads. I have been in the situation before… and that was my reason for remaining with him. I chose to follow my heart… because quite frankly, I believed he was capable of fidelity and would one day change. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes “one day” turns into never. The real issue is the length of time a woman is willing to wait for “one day” to come to pass.

*sigh* The things we go through for love… on the bright side, I do believe young guys are more susceptible to change because everyone knows “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.  Buuuut then again, older men get tired of playing the field and then they settle down with chick #1,222,333,444 LOL Blah. Tough call.

Back to the point, I commend Emily on standing up for herself. I think it is a very wise decision to leave UNfab alone and focus on being a mother, businesswoman, and independent being for now. After finding out about, and coming face to face with Kimbella, ((one of many side hos/groupies/sluts)) I think Emily now has the strength and drive to move forward with her life.

Maybe one day she’ll find happiness with another man… more worthy of her love. OR maybe she’ll get her wish and UNfab will finally live up to his name… ♥


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