Who Are You, REALLY?

Discover who YOU are.

Do not be consumed with the flase realities others live in.

Do not allow people to pressure you into fitting into the boxes they have created for you.


 Embrace your uniqueness.

Follow the path GOD sets in front of you… and not the path most often traveled.

I am proud to say I am not the woman I was this time last year. I have truly grown as an individual… as a wife, a mother, a woman period. I realize that life is not about remaining stagnant and complacent. Instead, it is about following the path God lays out for you… and embracing every curveball thrown into the loop. I have gone through a lot in my 25 years of life… but I acknowledge that my past trials and tribulations were all necessary to make me the woman I am. God is so good.

For 2 days I rode around with my car on E. For 2 days… I prayed upon entering and exiting my vehicle. While others may find it embarrasing, I consider it mere proof that God will never leave or forsake me. I stepped out on faith… and went about my daily activities KNOWING that God knew my situation and would get me out of it. I have been in situations COUNTLESS TIMES where I didnt know where my next meal was coming from… I didnt know what my kids would eat for dinner… I didnt have a clue about how I was going to provide anything that required money to do so. I used to cry… calling here and there trying to pull strings to get the necessities provided at least for my children. NOW, I handle these situations much differently. I dont share my struggles in their entirety… I simply PRAY & BELIEVE.

God places us in situations that our FAITH must bring us out of. I am a woman of FAITH… and maybe at first my faith was not by choice. Seriously… if I cant snap my fingers and have money appear in my hands, I just gotta believe God will bring it about somehow, right? lol BUT now, my FAITH is automatic. When I realize a situation is stress-inducing… I hand it over to God AUTOMATICALLY. I am no longer the woman obsessing over my have-nots… I am no longer the woman allowing every mountain to intimidate me. Instead, I strap up my hiking boots… and pray for the strength to climb to the top and completely OVER those mountains.

I do not want to live a life where everything is perfect. I simply want a life filled with FAITH and GODLINESS… and the WISDOM to decipher when a situation needs to be handled by GOD. I turn it all over to Him because I know He is able and WILLING to stand in the gap for me. God is awesome that way♥

I am no longer confined to entertaining small-minded ideas. All I can do is be me… and I know WHO I AM because I understand and accept WHOSE I AM.



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