Silence Is Golden

No… I haven’t been to the movies anytime soon. Lol Have u ever had the best intentions to have an amazing conversation, planned everything you needed to say, only to have it end as a TOTAL bust!? I promise, the devil is sooooooo busy! I have been praying and praying for God to move within me and give me the right words to say to get the words of my heart out of my mouth correctly… And I was ready for whatever comeback or opposition. or so I thought…


Its really impossible to have a conversation that actually ends on a good note when the person you’re speaking with is dead set on being RIGHT.

Just in general terms…. Learn to be APPRECIATIVE of the people God places in your life. Be GRATEFUL of all they do… Even if they dont do it on your time. Remember that GOD runs this… And you were not born of a virgin, sinless, crucified, and resurrected. Be mindful of your imperfections. Remain prayerful. Seek Godly counsel. Take heed.

Goodnight beautiful people 🙂


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