loving my imPERFECTions♥

Everything happens for a reason… or so they say. Whoever they are… they say it often. && somehow like magic they expect those 4 words to make the mountains in your life simple stumbling blocks on your road to whoever it is God created you to be. The bottom line is clear even though sometimes the message isn’t delivered at the most opportune time:


Life will not always be lemonades and berries. You know this already. Unless you’re living in a bubble, sheltered from the real world, you know that there is no such thing as a perfect life. There is no such thing as perfect people. Barbie and Ken are simply plastic personas created for the enjoyment of little girls with vivid imaginations and no real sense of a world outside of the dollhouse. It’s like that darn Barney… just an old dinosaur filled with cotton that suddenly becomes alive on a playground filled with little children with vivid imaginations and no real sense of a world outside of the playground.

If you aim to be perfect… and/or to live this “perfect” life, you will fail each time. You are not, nor will you ever be JESUS. Point. Blank. Period. Embrace it. Accept it. He is the ONLY man ever born that lived without sin… and even then His life wasn’t perfect. There is no perfect ending that involves an innocent man being nailed to a cross and crucified for being who He was… and who He still is today.

My goal in life is simple… I want to be the woman God created me to be. I believe everything I have experienced up to this very moment has been necessary to mold me into this woman. God is not through with me yet… by a long shot. Although I am aiming to be a woman of God… godly, wholesome, respected, respectable, honest, trustworthy, spiritual, kind, meek, humble, intelligent, loving, passionate, authentic, virtuous… I will never aim to be perfect.

I do not desire to be perfect… because I know perfection is a mere illusion. To base one’s happiness around the acquisition of jewelry, cars, clothes, and/or money is absurd. Material possessions don’t impress me. A perfect life for me would be one in which I lived for Jesus… died in my sleep at the ripe ol’ age of 102… and ended up spending eternity with Him. Everything else… doesn’t matter… shouldn’t matter.

I have been through a lot in my life… nothing I am ashamed to admit. I live with the intent to learn from my mistakes, and from the mistakes of others around me. I strive to be as perfect as God created me to be… with every imperfection I possess. I am proud of whom I am today… and excited about the woman I know I will be tomorrow.

&& though it seems cliché…

I truly believe EVERYTHING does happen for a reason… every failure, every heartache, every death, every birth, every tear shed, every smile, every job loss, every rejection, every natural disaster, every.single.solitary.thing has a REASON.

Don’t waste your time ((or mine)) seeking perfection. Instead seek Jesus… seek wisdom, seek to understand… && when the moment arises, stand still and KNOW that whatever you are facing, is happening FOR A REASON♥♥



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