After All The Apologies…

…what happens next? At some point you have to realize that “Im Sorry” loses value. I’d rather live in an environment where apologies aren’t necessary than one where apologizing is thought to be some miracle worker erasing all wrongdoing. It doesnt work that way… at least not in this life. Instead of acting out, blaming […]

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Step By Step…

So often we refuse to move forward because we are too afraid of what the future holds… we allow fear to grip our hearts and control our actions. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr said it best… “You dont have to see the whole staircase… just take the first step”. Tomorrow is not promised… within the […]

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BodyByVi 90-Day-Challenge

Hey ya’ll… just wanted to let you all know about the “GET HEALTHY” program I recently started. BodyByVi is a protein-shake meal replacement program which helps you (men and women) lose weight the healthy way. There is no starving yourself in this challenge! Sure, Jennifer Hudson looks great… but this is no weight watchers program. […]

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NO Creamy Crack For You!

I dont know who is attempting to brainwash my child but it will NOT happen on my watch. I am proud to say I will not be one of those parents who “perm” their little girl’s hair at 3 and 4 years old. No offense if this is the method you have chosen. No… better yet, […]

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