Ok… that was my evil laugh lol

I dont think Ive mentioned it here… buuuuuuuuut I am sooooooooo excited for Halloween this year! IDK y but I am. I ordered my costume yesterday. Its supposed to arrive tomorrow♥ Yippeee!!! I am bubbling over with excitement. Every year I go to CoCo Walk… last year, I went with my cousin Ja’Naye, the year before I was with my bestie Tiff… this year, it’ll be a combination of people. At least thats the plan… we shall see. Either way, I know im going and Im gonna have a blast!

The hubby bought a Jason mask… and that’ll be his ensemble… with regular clothes I guess lol This is the first time he’s dressing up though so Im all for the baby steps. Next year Ill work on a couple’s costume lol The children were originally dead set on being Dorothy and Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz… the original. Not the black version… which I have never seen by the way. Yes, I am serious. Yes, I am black. No, I do not really care if I see that version or not. My dad is an old-black-and-white movie watcher so we only saw the ORIGINAL. lol Anywho… Iyana has now decided to be a Black Cat. Simple, right? Yes!

Then there is TJ. Tooooootally different story. He now wants to be God or Jesus. No, its not a typo. Yes, he is SERIOUS! I have been getting opinions from the masses to see how I can create this Jesus/God costume and the responses were hilarious. My friend Kendra suggested I get him some spray-on abs, a dred-lock wig, some MC Hammer pants, and Gladiator shoes. Apparently, black Jesus is a sex symbol. LOL

I didnt go that route… LOL I did try desperately to find a child’s dreadlock Rasta wig but apparently they dont sell any. Blah. I know the Bible says hair like wool… buuuuuuuuuut I ordered what Wholesale Halloween considers “Biblical Hair” LOL It ships tomorrow… we shall see how “wool”y it is. He’s gonna wear his Biblical Hair… with a toga… and some sandals. Voila! Jesus! Wait… did I mention, I have to make him a crown of thorns as well? Yep… gonna hit up Michael’s Craftstore and make a miracle. Get it? Jesus… Miracle. ok… I’ll stop. lol

Anywho… Im excited. Just wanted to share. What are you doing/being for Halloween??



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