This Really Spoke To My ♥


If we all embraced this way of thinking, imagine how GREAT the world would be! Life does not last forever, but our legacies have the ability to live on until the end of time. I dont believe anyone wants to actually live on earth forever… look how miserable the vampires are in Twilight and TrueBlood. lol We all must die… one day. && although it isnt the most encouraging thought, it is the truth as we know it. The way you choose to respond to this truth depends on you. No man knows the day or the hour… even those who commit suicide arent aware of whether or not the attempt will succeed. Only God knows… why not make the most of it.

Leave a POSITIVE imprint on the world♥ Make a difference♥ Stop TALKING about the things you want to do and START LIVING♥ Be positive♥ Be hopeful♥ Be optimistic♥ Be strong♥ Be wise♥ Dont live for the sake of living… instead, live a life that will be remembered forever♥♥♥


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