This Is Gonna Hurt Me More Than It Hurts You…

The classic parent line…

…the very line I didnt believe UNTIL TODAY.

Have you ever had to punish your child and ended up hurting yourself in the process? No? Well, arent you just a MEANIE! lol As you all know, I am the Head Coach of my daughter’s PeeWee Cheerleading Squad at Liberty City Optimist Club. For a grueling number of weeks, my assistant coach (my babydaddy Kendra) and I have been going through the motions while trying to mold 3, 4, and 5-year-old little monsters girls into cheerleaders. To the say the least, it has been a veeeeery difficult trying stressful entertaining time. We have both been on the verge of throwing in the towel more often than not… but we have successfully made it to the final act: COMPETITION.

Tomorrow, our girls will participate in the Pop Warner Cheerleading Competition for Dade County. It is being held at Booker T. Washington Senior High in the gymnasium. Our final practice with the monsters girls was today and it ended up being a disaster rocky time. These hoodlums girls were ridiculous. For some odd reason, my demon daughter acted a complete and utter ASS despite my pre-warning advising her not to do so. As a result, of said ass-actedness (LOL) I decided to remove her from competition as a whole.

Drastic? Nope. Not at all.

All season Iyana has been acting out of control. She has been placed on punishment, spanked, threatened, pinched, and yoked up. She has consistently been disrespectful to me and the rest of the coaching staff. Even yesterday, while I was working, she went to practice and showed out. And I dont mean the usual 5-year-old mess… Im talking fall-out-on-the-floor, kick-yell-and-scream terrible-twos-tantrum-style SHOWING THE EFF OUT! Needless to say, I was appalled.

Today… she wasnt as dramatic (probably because of the presence of another parent’s belt being passed around amongst the parents) but she definitely did not behave like someone who truly wanted to participate in competition. So… voila. Wish granted.

I made her sit out for the rest of the practice… and she will not be performing tomorrow. My husband and I have invested in this cheerleading mess for her…even the competition sweatsuit was freakin’ $60… and she has not been appreciative at all. Sure, she is only 5-years-old but at 5 she should know better. If you want to be a part of something, show you genuinely are interested in it. Im not saying she has to be a freakin’ saint… I mean, look at her parents — she has it honest… buuuuuut even when I was a rebel misunderstood child I knew how to behave at least until I got what I wanted.

She told my grandmother she didnt want to be a cheerleader anymore… of course, this was AFTER the spanking and removal from competition. So, she’s trying to trick herself into believeing it was actually HER decision. smdh #epicFAIL So… to really teach her a lesson, she will be ATTENDING competition, sitting in the audience, and watching her fellow cheerleaders perform. Yep, I think that’ll do the trick.

I sooooooo want her to be a part of competition. Hell, the ONLY reason I signed up to be a coach was because my daughter wanted to cheer. She practically begged me… and now, she is not going to be a part of the show. Its like, watching ur favorite show all season long just to miss the season finale. && There is no DVR. [[Bah Humbug]]

But… most importantly, I honestly believe this experience will teach her a valuable lesson. Im not a fan of physical discipline. I try to do whatever I can to avoid spanking my children. Contrary to popular belief, beatings do not always work. Im sure the MAJORITY of those incarcerated were beaten as children… look where that got them. My husband and I are working to find other methods that work for our children… and though others may not agree, I truly believe this is one instance where a spanking will not do the trick.

Watching the girls perform and not being able to share in the spotlight with them will undoubtedly  teach her the importance of behaving… a valuable lesson she desperately needs to learn. Children these days have things truly twisted… and no matter how bad I want her to perform, no matter how cute I know she will look during the show… I am sticking to my guns. She must learn that mommy is not just a great big ball of hot air. My threats have meaning behind them… misbehaving is NOT an option.

Some of the team parents were trying to persuade me to let her perform. Their demons were all equally ridiculous (if not worse), BUT I cannot let her get away with the behavior she has been exhibiting these past few weeks. They’re allowing their children to participate because they’ve spent $60 on the competition sweat suit and crop top. I figure the math is much more complex than that… I’d rather lose $60 and teach her this valuable lesson… than have her compete and go on believeing she can do what she wants without consequences. Life doesnt work that way. Period.

Being a parent is no easy task. You have to do what is BEST for your child in the long run… and not rely on temporary emotions to dictate your childrearing decisions. *sigh* This sucks.

&& Im hurt.

But in the end… she’ll benefit. ((I’ll keep telling myself that over and over again untilt he doubt disappears lol))


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