11:08 PM

I am not a lawyer… nor do I profess to be.

I am not a law student… nor do I desire to be.

I am merely an American…

&& last night’s execution of a possibly innocent man has made me realize precisely how severely flawed the U.S. government is.

RIP Troy Davis

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know all about the Troy Davis case. I will not sit here and pretend that I have been following this case for a lengthy period of time… in fact, more than a month ago I had no clue who Troy Davis was. Just a brief summary of his case: He was convicted in 1991 of killing a white off-duty police officer in 1989. 9 people testified as eye-witnesses to the crime… of which, 7 have since recanted their accounts saying they were forced to bare false witness against him by law enforcement officials. For 22 years, Troy Davis was imprisoned for this crime. For 22 years, Troy Davis has proclaimed his innocence. Last night, despite international outrage, despite millions signing petitions for his clemency, despite letter after letter being written and statement after statement being made from past Presidents, the Pope, the NAACP, past prison wardens, past heads of the FBI…etc etc, the Supreme Court denied his attorney’s final plea for an appeal/stay of execution. At 11:08PM he was pronounced dead after being murdered by lethal injection.

I was truly shocked by the outcome. At first I had no emotional connection to the case… however, I figured that IF the case made it to the Supreme Court they would undoubtedly prohibit him from being murdered. Unfortunately, that was not the case. The Supreme Court allowed Troy Davis to be murdered… even though there was clearly reasonable doubt present. I am disgusted. Period. I dont think it is reasonable to proclaim his innocence… at least not for me to do so. Again, I have not been following the case. IDK if he is innocent or guilty… but neither does the state of Georgia. There is no hardcore evidence substantiating the claim that he is guilty.

Honestly, I dont see what the rush would be to murder Troy Davis. Yes, the murder happened in 1989. I get that… Im  sure the family truly feel it is beyond time for justice to be served ((as blood thirsty as they appear to be)). I am not advocating that he should have been released from jail. I feel that he should have had another trial… yeeeeeeeeeeears ago. I feel that the presence of doubt… the presence of a gazillion supporters and Americans who question his innocence/guilt… the presence of even a HINT of another man being guilty… all of that should have overturned the death penalty verdict. Troy Davis should be alive today.

I do believe that everything happens for a reason. Troy Davis’ death shines a light on the death penalty… a process in which I believe human beings play like God. Although it sucks that his life ended the manner in which it did… and it sucks because I believe they will find out that he is not responsible… I do believe his murder has caused a major shift in our society and our government. It will take time, but I believe the truth will be discovered && on that day, justice will be done. Troy Davis cannot be resurrected. His family will never be compensated appropriately for the life that has been taken away from them… BUT because of this injustice, a light has been shined on the atrocity that is the U.S. government and the death penalty.

I pray BOTH of these things change…

An eye for an eye only makes us both blind…

I am against the death penalty in ANY case that shows ANY REASONABLE DOUBT…

Troy Davis will not be forgotten.

He was murdered on what would have been my grandfather’s 60th birthday… the first birthday we celebrated without him…

The day an innocent man was murdered…

America the beautiful.



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