&&They Found 2 Lumps

I cannot stress how unstressed I need to be right now. Last week Thursday, I went to my gynecologist ((Dr. Sheryl Facey ROCKS!!!)) and discovered I have a lump in each of my breasts. Since breast cancer runs in my family… I was very nervous about the discovery… and pretty pessimistic about the outcome of my follow-up appointments. Im actually scheduled for a bilateral breast ultrasound, a bilateral breast ductogram, a mammogram, and possible biopsy on next Thursday. For whatever reason, I am actually anticipating the bad news bear to visit me. Im trying to be hopeful and wish for the best… but truth is, I feel like Im gonna get the diagnosis nobody wants to hear. On the bright side of this rotten news, both of my grandmothers who fought this cancer have won the fight… my great-grandmother (who had her breasts removed) is now a beautiful and fiery 98-year-old woman! I know that whatever the diagnosis, God is able and He will bring me through it.

&&the man I am married to does not know… but thats because he didnt care to ask. My appointment was Thursday… today is Tuesday. Surpised? Nope… more like, whats new? SameSelfishBS.com

&&I shouldnt be concerned with anything besides these 2 lumps… this breast discharge… and these freakin’ procedures I have to undergo but its nearl yimpossible to live stress free these days. Im just glad that God has given me patience… and has opened my eyes to the truth about my character and my worth. I’d rather have breast cancer than remain in the situation I am in. I cannot look forward to the rest of my life if this is the mess I have to deal with… the same song and dance as usual. Ive never been much of a singer and Im too out of shape to continue this dance routine. Im done.

&&besides, why should I waste my energy stressing about things I cannot control like the outcome of this relationship, my unstable ass job, and all that other insignificant crap? Did I mention, they found a LUMP IN EACH OF MY BREAST!? Screw anything else!

&&that includes you.



2 thoughts on “&&They Found 2 Lumps

  1. Tragedies always have a way of putting things into perspective– for you and those around you. That crappy job, over due bills and family drama becomes less important as you go into survival mode. I know because I have been there–had cancer on my cervix. I know God is able because he healed me and allowed me to bear two beautiful girls w/o any problems. I have remained cancer free thus far. The key is early detection. I pray that you share the same victory.


    1. Thanx so much Stacey. Your story means a lot to me. Everything else going on right now is definitely on the idgaf pile. Its just not important… Im focused on being healthy. Thanx again for the encouraging words. I appreciate it 🙂

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