I ♥ My Hair!!!

While overcome with boredom (Yawn!) I began browsing natural hair blogs… and I completely and unequivocally fell in love with http://luvyournaturalhair.blogspot.com/. Browsing her post and pics reaffirmed for me the reason why I have been DYING to go natural since high school! I am soooo happy I finally took the leap and each day I fall more and more in love with my TWA (teeny-weeny-afro for the natural hair challenged lol).

I have diagnosed myself with “Fro Envy”. I cant help but look at the BAA of others (Big Ass Afro, once again for the naturally hair challenged lol) and feel a needle prick of envy in my heart. BUT then I see photos of them from their BC (Big Chop) and I realize it is a jounrey and Im already on the road to my BAA! #PickPower lol

I did purchase some new products for my hair… and they are GRRRRREAT! I realize a ton of people who go natural become product junkies… and I am thankful that my pockets dont allow me to be one. After consulting with my friend, Anna, I decided on 4 products. Um… I cant remember the exact names so I’ll post them later. 🙂 Just know that they are AMAZING and my hair no longer feels like a brillo pad aka pot scrubber. Instead its like clouds… soft, curly clouds. ((The hubby loves it too)) ♥

I’ll be posting more hair pics once I finally figure out a cool way to do it… soon.

*fingers crossed*


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