Tears On My Pillow…

My husband says everyone I grew up with dies…

Kind of a wierd statement to make… but when I think about it, during the 8 years we have been together he has not lost ANYONE close to him that he grew up with. Not.A.Single.Friend.  Then there’s me…. and I havent been as lucky. It would be too dramatic for me to say everyone has been dropping like flies… but with the recent deaths of my dear friend, Will, my grandfather, and now… Antonio Jackson… I cant help but feel like my world is consumed with death. And.It.Sucks.

… and I found out through FB. While browsing status messages, a highschool friend of mine sent her condolences out to the Jackson family and mentioned a few names… one of those being Twan. Instantly, my heart sunk. Im sure they may be a lot of “Twan” Jacksons… especially in Miami… so I was kind of hopeful that this Twan was not the Twan I knew… and if they were one in the same why wasnt Tonio mentioned… and then it hit me. SOmething must have happened to Tonio! I went to his FB page and… the rest is history. His page was flooded with sentimental postings urging him to rest in peace… and I cried. 

Life is crazy that way… and at this point I should be expecting it… but Im never prepared. Tonio and I were cool… and although we didnt have many memories as adults, I never saw him angry or in a bad mood. We would run into each other ever so often… at the corner store, the mall, the club, around the neighborhood… just random occassions… our paths would cross, we’d shoot the breeze, and go our seperate ways… being adults.

Apparently, 6 people were shot at the Frontier Lounge… 2 were killed. Antonio Jackson was one of those murdered… yet another senseless crime. The irony is he died in the same neighborhood we lived and grew up in… a place I drive by on a daily basis… just around the corner from his home.

The memory of him wont fade… in my mind, I see him smiling… that same pearly white smile he’d try to hide when I accused him of being a softy… the same Colgate smile he’d wear everytime we ran into each other…

My prayers are with his entire family… his children… the mother of his children… his brother… another childhood friend of mine, Twan. I am truly sorry for your loss… and Im sorry for mine as well.

God Bless

♥ RIP Antonio Jackson ♥

26-years-young.  😦


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