And So It Goes…

I just don’t get it.

I had it all planned out… this was the looooong weekend I was supposed to spend with my family in Orlando. And then (cue dramatic music)… my lame job decided to give me 5 days off last week and 4 days off this week… UNPAID DAYS… which, in turn, has left me broke ((AND wanting my foodstamps back lol)). Now… being the intellect that I am, I understand the definition of a REQUEST so I know when I REQUEST certain days off the REQUEST can be denied… its at the discretion of the IIC (idiots-in-charge)). What I cannot wrap my mind around is how the hell I make a REQUEST and it is denied but the very same individuals who make REQUESTS repeatedly for PTO and vacation days are consistently APPROVED by the very same IIC that consistently deny me. *blank stare*

But wait… it gets better!

Not only were my requests denied… I have been placed on schedule to work today from 3PM to 11:30 PM. Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why that is a problem… well, allow me to explain. My husband has a STABLE job with a STEADY schedule… he doesn’t get off work until 3:30. He works waaaaaaaaay in Broward so he wont get home until approximately 5PM. Since my ENTIRE family is leaving for Orlando at noon… I have absolutely NOONE to watch the kiddos.

I swear, the IIC are such imbeciles SMH

Here's another REQUEST: KYS

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