Playing In Gardens & Eating Flowers

I have a coworker named Lauren… funny girl. We joke often about eating flowers… and slaughterhouses. Wierd? Nope, just Lauren. She is one of the people I will miss once this phase of my life passes. Hopefully, we’ll be able to keep in touch. One boring work day became interesting when Lauren and I decided to improve our Spanish skills. Both being fully American… no parts Espanol… working in a hotel surrounded by foreigners… Google Translator became our best friend. lol Today, a guest found a congrejo (CRAB) in her room. See, Im bilingual 🙂

Anywho… Lauren said I had a great way with words… and also observed that my poetry can be pretty angry lol So, I decided to write her a happy poem… To my little hippy friend ♥


Flower child

Hair cascading in curls

Beautiful spirit

I imagine your Indian name would be “She-With-Pretty-Smile”

Or “Girl-Of-The-Sun”

You emit a positive glow

A spirit unwavering

Amused by the smallest things

Like the presence of a baby congrejo suddenly found in hotel sheets

Your spirit is so carefree


I admire you

Beautiful inside and out

Passionate about your cause

A vegan with leather moccasins

Smiling in a flowerbed

Eating the pretty ones in an attempt to become one with them

Encompass their beauty

Their delicate nature

No worries, you fit right in


Sunshine radiates from your skin

Cheeks flushed in amusement

Speaking a language not made for your tongue

Yo no se espanol

Yo no se anything but English


Flower girl

Hair cascading in curls

Very much American

Very much a girl of many names



Arnetta “ TABOO” Gordon

8/27/2011 ©


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