Another Reason To Smile…

I used to spend a lot of time worried… everything bothered me… even if I never showed it. I used to allow people, pressures, and problems to steal my joy. BUT now I know better. You know what they say… “Now that you know better, do better”. I want to share the same with you. It is NOT easy to rise above the issues of life. However, it is NECESSARY to do so in order to live a more fulfilled life. Im tired of being stressed and frustrated so I have chosen to take a proactive role in that area of my life. Instead of waiting for the problems to arise and then reacting to them, I focus my energy on being positive IN SPITE OF my circumstances. I cant even begin to explain how great and AWESOME GOD has been in my life. My husband and I are not rich by a looooooooong shot but GOD has supplied EVERY one of our needs without allowing me to break a sweat. I may not get to do everything that I want to do… but ALL of my NEEDS are met so how can I not smile?

If you think about it… the main reason we become unhappywith our own lives is because we are expecting what God has not meant for us. We see the lives of others and assume the grass is greener. This person has a better car, she has a more relaible husband, he has a good wife, their children are obedient, they have a mansion… once you stop coveting the blessings of others, God will be able to bless YOU. If you are showing that you are ungrateful for everything he has done for you by desiring the things he has done for your friend, neighbor, coworker, relative, spouse… then He will not bless you. Be content with the things God has given you. Enjoy the life God has created for you. God is not capable of making mistakes. Everything He creates is magnificent… your life is also. Choose to look at the sunshine instead of the impending showers… choose to SMILE.

If you need a reason to smile… I’ll give you a few:


2) You’re HEALTHY!

3) You CAN READ!

4) You can access the internet!


Thats it. Thats all you need. Now SMILE! 


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