NEW BIRTH: A Perfect Place For Imperfect People

Church yesterday was GREAT!!! Aside from the fact that I ran into Dr. Townsel (my highschool counselor♥), Bishop Curry preached an amazing sermon. Everything about yesterday was great! It was the final day of the Youth “Power 2 Succeed” Conference and the youth and young adult ministries were in FULL effect! The step team did phenomenally, the drama departments were flawless, and the choir (as usual) was amazing. I truly love services like that… where no one is made to feel ashamed or embarrassed because of the way they praise God. As Bishop Curry put it, you cant expect the young people to belt out a slave rendition of At The Cross… but they may get on the mic and rap a few verses from the song. lol

The message yesterday was the best part of the service. That isnt always the case… at other places of worship but I ALWAYS love when Bishop Curry speaks. Yesterday’s message was from the 1st Chapter of Joshua: God’s Strategy For Your Success. The thing we sometimes forget (even if only for a moment) is the TRUTH that God will ensure our success even if it looks like we are going to fail. If we follow His will and do what He says, He will ensure our success. Period. No weapon formed against God’s children will prosper. The Bible doesnt say weapons wont be formed… it says they wont prosper.

Five lessons Joshua 1:1-9 teaches us are:

1) Be clear in your direction (what you want to accomplish) Joshua 1:2 / Proverbs 3:5-6

2) Be confident in your desire Joshua 1:6-8 / Philippians 4:13

3) Be committed to your decision Joshua 1:9 / Lue 9:62 / Joshua 3:5

4)Be corrected by your defeat Joshua 1:7 / Joshua 7:7-10

5) Be concious of God’s dependability Joshua 1:9


1) PROMISE OF GOD’S POWER Joshua 1:5 / Acts 1:8

2) PROMISE OF GOD’S PROTECTION Joshua 1:5 / Isaiah 54:17

3) PROMISE OF GOD’S PROSPERITY Joshua 1:8 / Psalms 1: 1-3

4) PROMISE OF GOD’S PRESENCE Joshua 1:9 / Psalms 46:1 / Hebrews 13:5

Yesterday’s sermon was very inspiring and necessary for me… Thats why I am sharing it with you all.

Read the scriptures…

and if you dont have time or arent motivated to read them all…

just remember this ONE:




3 thoughts on “NEW BIRTH: A Perfect Place For Imperfect People

  1. If you think 11am sermon was great, you have GOT to hear 7am’s sermon. Get the CD, you won’t regret. Bishop Curry preached his heart on Sunday

    1. Is that why I couldnt find you in the crowd? lol We’d never make it to 7AM service. We get up early every single day for work smh Sunday is the late sleep in day and the day we finally eat breakfast lol I’ll look into ordering the tape. I loooooooooooove Bishop Curry’s preaching!

  2. LOL! I was @ 11am too but I was off in the corner somewhere, I was SLEEPY!! lol And I understand about having that ONE day to sleep in, take advantage.

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