DONT Drop The Ball!

Regardless of age… your child should be in an educational program (daycare, head start, pre-k) that EDUCATES them. Period.

Last year, my children went to an FCAA (Family Christian Association of America) Head Start program.  One of the social workers at their particular center saw my daughter and I at Winn Dixie one morning and gave me the information for registering her. Instinctively, I asked if my son was eligible as well… and he was. 🙂 In my mind, it was a win-win for all: the kids were going to school AND it was FREE! What more could a parent ask for, right?


Every day I would ask my son what he did at school… and every SINGLE day, he would respond ((without coersion) ” Well, I DIDNT LEARN ANYTHING”. I thought he was just trying to be funny (he does that sometimes). I had explained to them the importance of going to school and the purpose of doing so… how you’re supposed to LEARN something new every day and how lucky they were to be able to attend school to get a head start on life. I know, I know… kinda deep for little kids BUT they’re little brainiacs so they got the point. 🙂

Anywho… the point is this: he honestly felt like he wasnt learning ANYTHING. I’d have him take me through his ENTIRE day and not once would he mention having a story read to him, coloring, painting, saying alphabet, writing his name… NOTHING PRODUCTIVE or mentally intriguing. In fact, the MAIN thing he’d mention consistently was eating lunch and playing church with his classmates.Iyana was completely different… she told me about the teacher reading a story, giving her books to read, writing her name, doing arts and crafts, and etc. I popped in one day and found TJs teacher ON FACEBOOK. *gasp*

Her excuse was a simple one… the kids were getting ready to have naptime. My response was equally simple. I informed her to WAIT until they are down for the nap before logging on to her FB account or any other social networking site. Needless to say, I never found her doing that again.

What really bothered me in the long run, however, was the graduation which took place at the center. Iyana and other students who were going to Kindergarten the next year (which is now this year… yaaaaaaaay for big kid school!), were all a part of the “transitioning ceremony”. I expected to be wowed by the many things they supposedly learned this school year… BUT instead I was wowed by the foolishness which took place. Although Iyana and TJ came around the middle of the school year, I expected the graduation to be muuuuuch different than it was. My nephew (Lil Tavarus) also attends an FCAA Head Start program and his graduation blew my socks off. A couple of students read books, they spelled numbers and colors, they sang songs about the future, and they said what they want to be when they grow up and why. The standard was set… HIGH! Unfortunately, at Iyana’s graduation, the only thing they did was say freakin’ nursery rhymes. *yawn*

Admittedly, I dropped the ball. Instead of being truly focused on the curriculum or lack thereof, I was mainly focused on the idea of FREE school for my children. This school year, I vow to be different. After experiencing such a horrible graduation with my daughter, I decided that my son would NOT endure such an injustice. He would NOT be a nursery rhyme child. My kids are BRAINIACS. Dont take my word for it… have a conversation with them. All the hard work we put in at home will NOT be thrown aside another school year.

This year, Iyana will be going to KINDERGARTEN! I have re-enrolled TJ into the FCAA Head Start program they were in last year. He has a different teacher AND I am 100% confident he will LEARN this year. How can I be sure? Because I WILL NOT DROP THE BALL. Period. If his teacher this year is NOT doing her job… she’s gonna hate me. And if she is a good teacher… she’ll love me. ♥


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