JLo Serves It Up In Vanity Magazine!

Despite her recent split from Marc Anthony, JLo is still HAWT as ever! She recently gave Vanity Magazine an inside scoop on the details concerning her divorce, past relationships, and her new life as a single mother. Although rumors are circulating about Marc Anthony’s temper and attitude, JLo has not confirmed these allegations. I love the fact that she is remains positive about love AND isnt bashing the father of her children. That is very wise! During this day and age, NOTHING can be taken back once released into the atmosphere. WHether the rumors are true or not, their children shouldnt have to deal with the aftermath of a public divorce… in such a negative spotlight. I can only hope JLo and Marc Anthony continue to be tightlipped about the reasons for their split. If he’s an inconsiderate, selfish, controlling, psychotic bastard his chldren shouldnt have to read about it once they learn how to read. Good job JLo!

Be sure to check out the article in the Septmber issue of Vanity Fair!!!



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