I just finished watching the final episode of Toya’s show… and SHE GOT MARRIED!!! Yaaaaay! I am so happy for her… they truly seem to have a great relationship. It doesnt look fake… like so many other television shenanigans. Memphitz seems like a pretty good guy… he has probably graduated from his dog phase lol And Im sure after the mess she dealt with in her relationship with Wayne, Toya is beyond ready to be loved the RIGHT way.

Although this season has been pretty hectic… it was so REAL. It has truly been a breath of fresh air… and the wedding ceremony was the icing on the cake. Just beautiful. Makes me think back to my courtship and nuptials… couldve all been better than it was. BUT thats one scenario when u marry young and broke. lol I never look at other people’s relationships and compare mine to theirs because my view of their unions are always on the OUTSIDE looking in. I can never step outside of my marriage to get that distorted view so Im always 100% present and 98% annoyed lol

BUT I always look at other people’s WEDDINGS and smh I wish I was able to afford the wedding of my dreams… not as much as I wish I had the marriage of my dreams (because thats most important) BUT Ive always wanted the fancy schmancy dress, the amazing reception, our first dance… u know, the memorable stuff. It pretty much sucks that we dont have those type of memories but truth is… many people dont. All I can do is watch a few Bridezilla episodes… rewind and replay Toya and Memphitz’ exchange of vows… and turn green with envy. lol

*sigh* This is the life… but whyyyyyy is it mine? lol


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