If you dont remember anything from this post, please make sure you remember the title of it!

That web address will take you to the website of The Dream-A-Way Foundation.


Dream-A-Way Foundation is a non-profit organization which focuses on helping children in underserved communities realize their dreams. Created by a group of women destined to change the world, Dream-A-Way Foundation aims to help youth discover and build upon their talents and strengths. It is a well-known fact that children in inner-city areas do not recieve the same level of encouragement in regards to fulfilling their dreams. Many individuals I know from childhood had big dreams… however, they are still in the same place they were back then; unmotivated and living in the hood. I truly believe if they were pushed to excel and pursue their dreams, their lives would be completely different at this point. That is where Dream-A-Way Foundation comes in.

Personally, I am not at the level in my life that I would like to be. At 25, I have not reached my full potential. In my household, we were all talented in some way, shape, or form. My sisters talents were singing, modeling, and acting and I was the genius who loved writing and poetry and excelled academically. Our grandmother was fundamental in shaping our ambitious sides. She always provided that much needed support for us all. She is always the first to give a kind word and to acknowledge the gifts God had blessed us with. Unfortunately, every child does not have the same atmosphere for success at home. That is where Dream-A-Way Foundation comes in.

Although we cannot personally provide one-on-one motivation for each child living in the inner-city and other underserved areas, our goal as an organization is to nourish their dreams and encourage their talents. It is important that children everywhere realize ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. There is no dream too big. Although one’s environment plays a tremendous factor in the person they become, your environment does not have to define you. Instead of allowing negative situations to effect them negatively, we want them to let it push them towards a brighter tomorrow.

Each member of the Board of Directors for Dream-A-Way Foundation did not come from silver spoon families. We are all products of the innercity. We have all done what we are encouraging today’s youth to do: FOLLOW OUR DREAMS. We have not achieved the level of success we desire as of yet BUT we have taken and will continue to take the steps necessary to make our dreams our reality.

Dream-A-Way Foundation plans to enhance the lives of children by doing activities including, but not limited to, the following: providing mentorship, conducting motivational speaking seminars, and participating in community building events. With your help, we will succeed in making Dream-A-Way Foundation a success. Please visit our website, www.DREAMAWAYFOUNDATION.ORG for further information about the organization. Our website also provides information about our upcoming events. 🙂

We can all make a difference in the lives of tomorrow’s leaders… our children are our future. If you would like to contribute to this very important cause, you can do so by using the donate section on our website or you can CLICK HERE .  🙂


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