What The HELL Are You Looking At?!

I absolutely HATE when people stare at me. Sure, its flattering when it’s some hot guy looking from afar… BUT when its some black clown-faced mongoose tramp, it gets under my skin. A GREAT DEAL. The main reason it bothers me is because its just such a waste… like, why are you staring the back of my head down when deep down you and  I both know you are NOT going to do or say anything? Thats all. Just move on with ur life. Staring at the back of my head does NOT make you more relevant in my life. It also does NOT make you appear more threatening or more “gangsta”. It does, however, make you seem like the damn fool you are.

I know you read my blog… and since I have already blocked you from accessing my Facebook page, I know you visit my blog often. Take this as a warning. Please scroll back up and view the photo again. It has a great message for you and others like you (envious, hideous, bad-bodied, lowlife, insignificant, non-mothahfukkin factors).

CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES WISELY… the back of my head may not have eyes to stare back at you BUT remember, it is connected to an awesome body that is itching to bash your head in.

Afterall, I owe you one.

Thanx, Management


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