I Think Im Going To Be Sick…

While sneaking online to check my Yahoo! email, I saw something very disturbing… so disturbing that it reconfirmed the reason why I choose NOT to watch the news. Sure, people can and have argued how important it is to know what is going on in the world around you BUT I look to my Bible for that. I dont need specifics. I’d much rather have a general idea of the end times (wars and rumors of wars, famine and disease, sons against fathers, mothers against daughters… etc etc) instead of watching specific news reports about murdering moms (Casey Anthony), killer earthquakes (Prayers to Haiti), and psychotic neighbors.

The headline reads “8-Year-Old Brooklyn Boy is Killed and Dismembered“. If you have not seen this story, you have been living under the rock I wish I was under when I stumbled upon it. Apparently, a young Jewish boy was walking home from camp… his mother was meeting him halfway… he never made it to her. Some demon found the little boy and killed him. As if murdering an innocent child was not enough, he decided to dismember the body. His remains were found inside of a trash bin AND IN HIS REFRIGERATOR. smh

As a mother, and just as a NORMAL human being, I am completely disturbed by this story. I feel so bad for the boy’s parents, who were allowing him to walk home this once. Apparently, he has never walked anywhere alone before and after doing a practice run through with him they decided to let him try the route alone. That must be eating them alive. It is truly a sad story and my heart goes out to the family and the community that has been rocked by his murder.

God is a good God. I know this to be true… but when I see these types of things it makes me wonder why. Even if the moment of questioning Him only stays for a moment, it always comes. I cannot fathom anything of this nature happening to anyone I know… and I pray that it never does. Send your prayers up for the renewing of mind and spirit for the family of Leiby Kletzky. 

May his soul rest in peace.  




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