The Road Less Traveled…

It’s easy to give up. To triumph in the face of adversity is a gift… One I am blessed to possess. When all signs say just let go, my mind immediately switches to “LET GOD”. Recently, I have been battling different emotions… Feelings of doubt, uncertainty, and the good ol’fashioned spirit of quitting. I have learned to accept the fact that everything won’t go my way but sometimes it seems my way is nothing more than a figment of my imagination.

However, I will not waver from the road God has placed me on. I know He gives us each talents and gifts to pursue. I know He instills in each of us a destiny to follow. I know I cannot give up…. No matter how trying this path may be. Though my accomplishments may not God did not instill in me a sprirt of failure. Period.

I recently made a decision… One that I know I will not regret… One that requires a lot of hardwork. And I’m proud of myself. I am proud because I didnt allow the devil to win. I didnt let negativity and naysayers rain on my parade. I know God is with me during this endeavor because it begins and ends with Him.

The road less traveled… is never traveled alone. God is always there. Always. 🙂


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