Im Waiting…

You know what Im waiting on… Im waiting for Casey Anthony’s tell-all… I mean “hypothetical” book shamelessly titled “If I Killed My Daughter, This Is How I Would Have Done It”. Hell… if she’s gonna follow OJs steps she may as well be just as shameless and ridiculous as he is. smdh

Vibe Magazine’s rendition of OJ’s confessional

First off, I know I am NOT the only person in the world stunned by the verdict reached in the Casey Anthony case. In fact, Im sure EVERYONE was surprised by this obvious failure of the system. I cannot and will not ever wrap my head around the NOT GUILTY verdicts that were delivered in this case. Can ANYONE explain to me how she can be found guilty of lying to the police and thats all? Obviously, if she lied she is GUILTY. WHy would any parent lie to the police about details concerning her missing child? And how is it that she didnt get charged with CHID ABUSE/NEGLECT after not reporting her child missing for an entire MONTH?! What kind of lame story was it they came up with? Like seriously… ur child “ACCIDENTALLY” drowns and your ex-cop father so-called panicks and decides to make it look like a homocide by DUCT-TAPING HER MOUTH AND DUMPING HER BODY IN THE EFFIN’ WOODS! The only people that are on the face of this planet right now who isnt surprised by the outcome are her parents and whoever they paid off. Period. Well, them and O.J.

The Bible says “Let he that is without sin cast the first stone” and I know I have sin BUT darnit if I could I’d throw stones, grenades, and missles at the whole Anthony family right now. Its just ridiculous… there usually tends to be a smidge of doubt in these cases BUT there is not a single doubt in my mind about this. I wasnt there but just hearing the ridiculous story they concocted about the “accident” is enough for a guilty verdict. Hell, screw their story…. the freakin gazillion internet searches conducted about how to break a child’s neck and making chloroform at home was enough for a guilty verdict! The jurors have got to be CRAZY… or on the effin’ family payroll. I want them followed, ridiculed, and ambushed every day from here on out for the equivalent of years that idiot should be serving in prison. No exceptions.  I would have preferred them be deadlocked and granted a mistrial instead of this foolishness they came back with. smh

Its just sad. A very sad day for America. My heart really goes out to little Caylee Anthony but at least she is in heaven now. Justice will be served. IF not in this life… then the next. There aint a lawyer dead (RIP Johnny Cochran) or alive that can get her off on the TRUE Judgement Day.



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