Tell Me Sumthin’ Good

Hmmm… where do I begin?

Father’s Day was great! I was able to leave work early so I went home to finish my dinner. I cooked my cheesy mac-n-cheese ((Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay))! The hubster and kiddos hung out at my sis-in-law’s house. They were BBQing. The weather was pretty sucky but they had fun nonetheless. My kids looooooooove being out and about. I wonder which parent they got that from? *cough* Terrell. lol It was a greeeeeeeat day… even though I spent a few hours at work. The hubby loved the dinner… and the breakfast in bed cooked by Iyana and I♥

Everything has been going great within my marriage. Im very happy… Yesterday was pretty much an added bonus. I love being with my hubby and showing my appreciation for his role in my life as husband and amazing father of my children. *Cue the violins*

It has been quite difficult getting over my grandfather’s death, but Ive been making it. My grandmothr is currently in Nashville,TN with the church. Our General Aseembly is taking place and lucily we convinced her to go. She definitely needs the getaway. I know if his death is bothering me still, she is having a more difficult time going through her day to day journey without him. Add her to ur prayers♥




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