I knew I would be working today so I started my Father’s Day dinner last night… well, the meat at least. Once I get off, I’ll be finishing up my meal. The hubby requested oxtails so Im cooking oxtails, yellowrice, stringbeans, brocoli, and cornbread. I was going to make mac-n-cheese (not that the hubby cares for it but for ME and the kiddos) but that fell through. I was going to borrow my grandma’s cheese grater but she went to Nashville, TN for the church’s general assembly so its unavailable. No biggie. SN:I need a cheese grater! lol Things are going slow so hopefully they’ll send me home shortly. The next person comes in at 3PM so *fingers crossed*. The kids are home with my honey right now… Im sure he’s enjoying that *sarcasm lol*. I cant wait to get back home. I miss him them HIM♥♥♥ lol

I just want to take this time to wish ALL of the FATHER’S in my life a very happy and HEALTHY Father’s Day.

My GrandFather♥

Lawrence, this is the very first Father’s Day we are experiencing without you. It feels wierd. I felt some type of way waking up this morning knowing I would be doing my usual Father’s Day rounds but saying it aloud, it truly hit home. You’re not here for me to harrass you with a horrible off-key tune as the kids yell their sentiments in the background. I wont hear you sing Thank Yooooooooooou Iyanaaaaa, TJJJJJJ, and Nettaaaaa Booooo (equally off-key) lol I miss you dearly. ♥

My Husband♥

Baby, you know I love you… and the best part is you think it has NOTHING to do with the kids. lol One of the things I can ALWAYS count on regardless of whether we’re “beefing” or not is the fact that you are ALWAYS a good GREAT father. You are the iron fist in our home and I respect you for bringing that force of testosterone when our hoodlums babies need it. It sucks that I am not with you right now on this day that was created just for you… but know that as I sit at work, I am thinking only of you ((and the food I cooked lol)). Love you with all of me♥

My Father♥

I love you Daddy! Im glad we are all grown because, as a child, you were the enemy. I can honestly say we have grown close over the years and I absolutely love our relationship. I already called u this morning so there isnt much to say… BUT I love you and I hope your back  feels better. See you soon old man 🙂

Special Happy Father’s Day to my sisters ((Dianna, MarQuetta, + Dawn))

You are all VERY STRONG women. I know many people called and texted you for Mother’s Day but you definitely deserve to feel special on Father’s Day as well. You three take special care of my niece and nephews. You play mommy and daddy as if there is no alternative. I know it is not an easy job but you do NOT spend your days and nights complaining about the duties you have been chosen to perform.  God will continue to bless you all. I love ya’ll… and Im down to babysit whenever ure in Miami ((except DILL!!! Sorry Dianna lol)) ♥


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