((Insert Scream Here))

Yep… this is EXACTLY how Im feeling right now. I should be writing all of these papers due for my classes. I should be planning for this meeting with MYWC tonite. I should be getting myself something to eat. I should just take a damn brea and breathe for about 10 seconds. BUT instead, Im sitting here annoyed and FRUSTRATED. I just cannot deal with it… but it seems I have to. Nothing worth having ever came easy but I guess life wouldnt be life if it wasnt hard.

When you have a clear and distinct way to do something… and people come along with their own agendas…. it throws you off. Well… in the words of whatever lil’ hood rapper that said it “Im so throwed off”. I wont even go into details… because the words wont come right now. I’ll just say this: >__<


Ok… Im done venting.

Im going home… eff this work.


2 thoughts on “((Insert Scream Here))

  1. Whatever lil hood rapper? Hustle Holicz, Don’t act like you didn’t jam to that, lol. But yeah, just keep at it! Whatever it is! Hard work pays off—most of the time.

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