As A GrandFather…

A Tribute In Song♥

This past weekend, June 11th, my grandfather was laid to rest. In honor of him, my sisters and I (shown above) sung a song titled “I Will Sing Hallelujah”. As mentioned previously, I was also on program to recite a poem I wrote for him.

As A Grandfather…

There is no pain Jesus cant feel So I know He feels the pain Im in

I know He understands it all without me saying a word to Him

I know He knows about this void I feel in the pit of my chest

About the silent tears Ive shed ever since he took his last breath

And so I mourn

Still in disbelief my grandfather is gone

I wish I could walk into grandma’s house and hear him say “Netta Boo!”

Wish I could hear him ask me to recite a poem over and over and over

Well, Lawrence, this one is for you

I wish I could see you roll your eyes when I ask if you like my new haircut

Wish you could call me for no reason at all and I could answer you with my usual “What!”

I wish I could go back in time to family vacations in September

Or even further to Sunday dinners at Sadie’s though those times I barely remember

I wish I didnt have to mourn for you because I wish you were still here

Wish you could see me smiling right now but I cant move past these tears

And I know it sounds cliche but I wish I could turn back the hands of time

When I could hear you call me Mike Tyson jokingly back when everything was fine

And I’ll miss you calling me at 12:01 every year on my birthday

Hearing you suck your teeth when you found out your call came in second place

All because of Terrell

I’ll miss laughing hysterically watching Kight call himself helping you lose weight

I’ll miss telling you no when you asked for one too many pieces of my cheesecake

I’ll miss all the things that seemed so very annoying then

Like waking me up for a cold glass of milk anytime after 2am

I’ll miss making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the peanut butter layered on extra thick

And I stood in the corner so often as a child, those punishments I’ll never forget

Lawrence, I wish I could go back to the many days we shared filled with laughter

But I cant rewind time this life so I look forward to seeing you after

Though we are all missing you right now, we wont cry these tears forever

One day many many years from now my grandpa and I will walk those streets of gold together

I love you and I’ll miss you always


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