Ya’ Know What They Say About Vengeance…


Every day, I get closer and closer to being the woman God created me to be; virtuous, respectful, patient, successful, strong. Every day, I get closer to my victory… a day closer to my future as a woman of God. Clearly, this realization is no secret to the devil. Because he knows what God has in store for me, he has taken an active role in attempting to prohibit me from reaching my destiny. The devil is sooooooooooo busy…

Contrary to popular belief, I like it. I like being attacked by the devil and his minions. I like knowing that God has something sooooo spectacular in store for me that the devil cannot help but try his hardest to stop it. A song my son loooooves to sing is “What God Has For Me Is For ME”. I am not afraid of devilish acts against me because I know the devil is INCAPABLE of taking away my destiny. He can see my future but he cannot alter it without my permission.

There are weak areas in my life and so, those areas are the places he attacks. BUT, even in weakness, I am still a survivor. I am still victorious. Job was attacked at every single level imaginable. He remained faithful to God because he knew that God was and still is able to do all things. The devil uses those closest to you to draw you from under God’s love and protection. He uses my husband, my family, friends, and even my children from time to time. Small situations are magnified into major ordeals. Personal attacks against my marriage are amped up to the gazillionth power. Family and friends turn their back. Through it all, I remain strong.

I am not worried about my future because I know the devil has no say so in where I end up. Instead of breaking me down, every single attack he sends my way actually strengthens me. When I am disrespected, I learn to be patient. When my marriage is tested, I learn to be humble. When the devil tries to sneak in through a weak point, I learn to be strong. Every trial is a test and I pass with flying colors.

I know what God has for me cannot be taken and given to someone else. I know jealousy exists. I know there are desperate people willing to lower their standards and self-value just to walk in my shoes. I know someone will always believe the grass is greener on my side of the world and in this false belief I will be tested, tried, disrespected, and attacked. BUT, God says “Fret not”.

I am not afraid of losing anything… because if it can be taken away, it is not what God had for me. Simple. Life is not the absolute best right now but in spite of everything, I can smile because I know I have something many many many other people do not have. I have faith… I believe in God… and I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that He will work it all out for MY benefit in the end.

Sure enough, God has blessed me with a mind that is capable of masterminding the best form of revenge. I know a few people worthy of such an evil scheme… BUT I know God will handle it. He has never let me down so far… and who can punish ANYONE better than God can? I have my own ways of doing things but He is all-knowing, all-powerful, EVERYTHING.

You wont see me lash out… you wont see me arguing… you wont even see me pissed off. It doesnt mean I have forgotten. It doesnt mean I have moved on. It simply means, I have given it all to God and Im letting Him handle you according to His Word. So live it up… enjoy yourself for the moment.

You know what they say….

Laugh now…

… cry later.


2 thoughts on “Ya’ Know What They Say About Vengeance…

  1. Netta, don’t make me shout on your blog! Lol this right here –>”I am not afraid of losing anything… because if it can be taken away, it is not what God had for me.” Is the truth! I always say the same thing :). Keep pushing forward girlie, your purpose is bigger than your problems.

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