Did You Read The Fine Print?

Lately I have been having a lot of deep and meaningful conversations… somewhat random but they always end up having a great impact on my logic at the time. I am sooooo blessed to have a wonderful group of amazing young wives supporting me. The Miami Young Wives Club has been a life saver more often than not. God knew EXACTLY what He was doing when He placed it on my heart to create such a wonderful group. 🙂

It is not easy being married… Im sure Will and Jada can attest. There will be rough patches… BUT getting through those rough patches are what seperates the strong from the weak. Someone dear to me recently said “I dont know how anyone else thinks but I never imagined my marriage would be like this. I didnt sign up for this at all.” My response was simple, “Yes, you did. It was all listed in the fine print.” LOL

So often, society paints this romanticized image of what marriage (and relationships in general) should be. He buys flowers all the time. She cooks, cleans, and takes care of the children. He whispers sweet nothings in your ear, massages your back, and compliments you daily. She never questions his authority, accepts her submisive role, and strokes his ego. Every day is a day of love and honor. Every day is filled with smiles and affection. Every problem is resolved without argument or anger. The world lives happily ever after.

Stop the tape.

It is NOTHING like that. Sure, those things are present. However, the very fine print ((that really aint so fine)) reads like this ((READ QUICKLY)) “Also included: he curses like a sailor when angry, she slams doors and throws dishes, he sleeps on the couch, no sex during high moments of pisstivity that may last from 1 week to 1 month, cases of infidelity, lack of trust, and unforgiveness may vary.”

The vows we stated cover ALL of the things we never want to experience… mainly the “for worse”. Sure, there are some people who will never experience the things I have experienced within my marriage. Equally so, there are some things in other marriages I have seen that I will never experience. Everyone has their very own version of “for worse” to endure. Everyone has their own level of “for worse” that they will accept. I like to believe there are instances where God ALLOWS divorce… but, I am a strong believer that just because He ALLOWS it, does not mean we HAVE TO divorce for those reasons.

I can honestly say that each wife of MYWC, works diligently to be the woman God designed us all to be within our marriages. We strive to be humble, submissive, respectful, loving, and dare I say it, domestic. Biting our tongues, biting the bullet, biting our husbands… wait, scratch that LOL Being married is a job… the perfect example of “At-Will Employment”. Both parties have the option of leaving whnever they want… hopefully, they dont choose to.

Marriage doesnt just happen. You dont just exchange vows, go home, and live like boyfriend and girlfriend. Your life changes… even through the crap the devil throws at you. It is a concious decision made daily by both husband and wife to read the fine print and sign on the dotted line acknowledging that you have done so.

I read the fine print… I wasnt bamboozled or tricked. I got exactly what I signed up for. And no, I never imagined I’d experience the things that I have thus far… but I did say “for worse”, “for sickness”, “for poorer” , so it was never out of the question. I have yet to meet someone that has said their marriage is EXACTLY how they envisioned it… my pastor has been married for 30 years… married young and all… AND even with the extreme happiness they have NOW, they both never thought the road to that place would be paved the way it was.

But thats life…

You live…

You learn…

And you ALWAYS read the fine print!


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