The Art of Exotic Dance

MYWC took a walk on the wild side this past Tuesday… a few of us joined together for an EXOTIC CHAIR DANCE WORKOUT class. We had a blast! Aside from confirming how amazingly sexy I am lol, I learned how to channel that sexy into sensual behavior. The Exotic Chair Dance class is NOT about booty clapping ((which I have yet to master… teachers please call me NOW!)), nor is it about Uncle Luke twat poppin and doodoo browning. It is actually a self-love type class. 

The owner/instructor, Renee,  focused on how women typically don’t like what they see in the mirror. The studio has a giant mirror wall… like ballet studios… and she instructed us to admire our reflections. Instead of looking at ourselves and pointing out things we can change ((still working on this belly by the way)), she instructed us to look and FEEL sexy in our skin. It was a great exercise. The sexier you feel within ur own skin, the more amazing u will look performing the exotic chair routines she teaches. 

After taking the class Tuesday, I learned THURSDAY that I was chosen to attend the upcoming 4 week class for FREE! Yaaaaaaaaaay me! Im so hype. I cannot wait until Tuesday… hopefully by the end of the 4 weeks, I’ll have some chairs at home in our new place to show the hubby what I learned. lol

If you’re interested in learning more or taking the class, send an email to

Diana and I

Kami and I

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