Reading 2011

So… Im still participating in the “100 Books In A Year Reading Challenge 2011”. So far… Im slacking LOL

In a previous post, I listed the 6 I could remember.

Here are some Ive read since that last post:

7) Keeping Misery Company by Michelle Larks ((Christian Fiction))

8 ) Dance Into Destiny by Sherri L Lewis ((Christian Fiction))

9) Any Minute by Joyce Meyer + Deborah Bedford ((Christian Fiction))

10) I Left My Back Door Open by April Sinclair

11) Trials and Tribulations by B. Nyles


It’ll be April in 2 days and Ive only read 11 books. I greeeeeeeatly doubt I’ll reach that 100 by December 31st BUT at least Im reading…right? LOL All of the books Ive listed, I loved ((except Trials and Tribulations))! Honestly. So, check them out at ur nearest library ((like I did)).


2 thoughts on “Reading 2011

  1. I don’t thing I could do this challenge. I’m too busy trying to do 101 other things. Besides, I’m not that focused. Perhaps I need to work on that.

    1. My life is rather simple right now so I read as much as I can. There used to be a point where I didnt have the time or energy to pick up a book and I missed it. Now, Im taking full advantage of the extra time God has blessed me with. Reading Rocks! lol

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