Moving On Up…

Ok… Im kinda sorta back aka on the internet at my grandmother’s house LOL

So… here we go:

WE MOVED!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! We signed our lease on the 16th and moved about 4 days later. I am soooooooo beyond happy about being with my hubby FINALLY! Feels like it has been forever since we got to wake up in each other’s arms… ♥ Our humble abode is OURS and thats all I care about.

The kids kept pressuring us to get them sleeping bags because apparently there is some huuuuuge camping trip planned we  know nothing about.LOL We actually convinced them to get sleeping bag air beds because their more comfy so they skip the bed and sleep in their sleeping air beds. lol Gotta love little ones. Their imaginations are just sooooooooo wild. Now TJ is trying to get us to get him a tent too. Im sure we’ll all be somewhere in imaginary woods soon. LOL

Our neighbor is 93 years old! Amazing, right? When she first met Terrell she made sure to tell me “You sure know how to pick ’em. He is cute” LOL So… now I have to watch my back. LOL

I am soooo happy we are finally one big happy family… away from outside disturbances. No loud noises from the kids in “Lula’s Angels Daycare”, no hot house when my grandma decides to “save money” and turn off the a/c, no more super annoying family. LOL

We’re blessed. And I love my life♥♥♥



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