Flashback: July 25, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

This post is from my old blog: Dare2BeTaboo. I began reading over some of it last night… and discovered this post. Although the devil used someone to point out an old post to start trouble and confusion… BUT God flipped it and allowed my eyes to rest on this wonderful entry. I hope you all enjoy it.

Shovel or Snow Angels.

I found this interesting quote online… “When it snows, you have two choices: shovel or make snow angels”. I must confess, there has been a blizzard in my life recently – a whilrwind of the unexpected. Fortunately, I am able to confess that I have chosen to lay down my shovel. I tried the clean up and move on approach. Failed miserably at it. Now, Im making snow angels… big, beautiful, white, PERFECTly imperfect snow angels. I have made the choices I needed to make in order to be happy with myself.

Anso Coetzer wisely stated “Decisions become easier when your will to please God outweighs your will to please the world.” More often than not, we get so tied up in what others want us to believe/do/think/say that we ignore obvious truths—what God desires us to do. Admittedly, it does feel great when everyone is on your side and is in agreeance with your every decision and your every action. However, the Bible instructs us that the road less traveled is the way to the kingdom of heaven. When no one is in your corner, God is present. I have learned that Arnetta Lynese Gordon must rely ONLY on God and herself. There have been many times when I stood alone in my choices, going against the advice of others, and have triumphed over all negativity, hatred, and envy. I will follow this path until the day I die.


I have NO desire to please others… Its crazy because just the other day I felt really alone and broken down. I actually felt defeated. I knew what I WANTED to do but I was afraid to do it because I was concerned with how I would be percieved by others. I felt like I had to pick sides… sides that should have no correlation to one another. I actually considered going against what I knew to be right (according to God’s law) simply to save myself the embarrassment and criticism for making the decision I made. BUT, those feelings of needing acceptance from others passed. I realize that regardless of how they feel, I accept me ALWAYS. Tupac said it best “Only God can judge me”. All others (family, friends, coworkers, ANY OTHER) with judgements, dont matter. Sure, we ask for advice. We may even take it at times… but if I choose to follow my own path and go against the grain, it does not make me less of a person for doing so. The situations you have not experienced can only be imagined. We should all learn to practice empathy and sincerely try to (for lack of a better cliche) take a walk in the other person’s shoes. You couldnt spend a day in my life… thats why God chose me for this testimony. I live it…and I smile, cry, laugh, scream, fuss, kick, and smile every single day of my journey. Who cares what you think?


Final quote: “Life is not a continuum of pleasant choices, but of inevitable problems that call for strength, determination, and hard work” Indian Proverb  Think about it… maybe all of the choices you have had to make have been pleasant ones… maybe you have yet to face the ultimate test of love, forgiveness, and loyalty… maybe you havent had the trials and tribulations God promises us all. BUT, I have…and because of it I possess the strength, determination, and hard work it takes to accept the choice I have made and to live with it…with a smile. Snow angels rock!


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