Why Am I Not Surprised?

The devil is so busy… and I am not surprised at all at the tactics he is using. Im reminded of a song ((the singer’s name is on the tip of my tongue)) in which the singer explains that the devil literally peeks into your future, sees all the blessings God has for you, and works diligently to prevent you from recieving those blessings. I know this is what he is doing right now. Things are coming together for me… my marriage, my life… and he is desperately grabbing at any loose strings in an attempt to unravel it all at the seams. Its not going to work. I am not swayed at all by these attacks. I dont care what form they come in… I dont care who allows him to use them… the God I serve is greater than any devil in any form.

I am so tired of fighting the same fight… repeatedly. I am sooooooo tired… physically exhausted… spiritually worn out… from going in these circles. I give up. I am no longer fighting this battle… its too constant. My way clearly has not worked… so Im giving it up to God. My marriage is in God’s hand. My unemployment is in God’s hands. My children are in God’s hands. My friendships, business ventures, poetic goals… its all in God’s hands. I finally understand what the song “The Battle Is The Lord’s” means. I get it… Im letting go.


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