It’ll Be Alright…

…in the morning.

Tonight started off great… BUT then the devil showed up and showed out. I could spend this time brooding and plotting but instead Ive given it all up to God already. Im good. Tomorrow is a brand new day… actually, its already a brand new day. The sun will be up in no time ((I’ll be asleep when that happens)) and life will go on. A new day, a new reason to smile. Im smiling already. I have faith that God has already handled my situation. The Bible states he will make our enemies our footstools… Im ready to kick my feet up and #keepitmoving. Sometimes ur enemies arent who you think they are… they arent the FB haters who add you as a friend just to see whats going on with your life, they arent the coworker who gives you the eye every now and again. Sometimes, and oftentimes, the enemy is right in ur face… yep. Ive learned the devil uses those closest to you to deter you from God. That tactic may have worked before BUT Im smarter now. I didnt shout a single expletive tonight… not a one. Provoked and pushed to the edge but I survived the attack. God is amazing and I love the changes He is making in me. After everything that was said and done tonite, I didnt curse AT ALL. Im so proud of myself. Amen and Hallelujah. He is worthy of all praise.

Goodnight Night Owls♥

SN: If you’re awake because you’re stressing right now, just GO TO SLEEP! Once you wake up, although the problem may still persist, you will have a fresh start to your day. A new chance to be the person you desire to be. Dont allow stumbling blocks to deter you. Close your eyes… and rest. Ur enemies will be mere figments of ur imagination in the long run. Ask God. He’ll answer all the time. 🙂


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