Feeling Mello?

Last night I finally got to check out “Mello Mondays”, a poetry experience in Hollywood, Fl. I heard sooooooooo much about the place yet still it surpassed my expectations. Sure I was expecting a poetry night hosted by Asia ((an AMAZING poet))…BUT I wasnt prepared for the vibe of the event. It was somewhere up there on the club scale… the music was jumping, the crowd was thick, the chicken was DELICIOUS. LOL I loved it. Im used to going to spots like the Bohemia Room and Literary Cafe (which I love love love) and they are more laid back and low key. “Mello Mondays” is held at a spot called Bluster’s… and its more upbeat and fast-paced . The hubby didnt go last night but I let him know that he’d definitely love it, so he’s coming with me next week. I met up with a few friends there : Vikki and her hubby, Marlon, my ol’ homie Darryl, and a few of Vikki’s friends were all in the building. We had a section reserved for us… gave it that VIP vibe. I was feeling it. Needless to say, I’ll be back (in my Terminator voice).

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I performed my domestic violence piece titled “Art of Survival” and the crowd loved it! I got the infamous “REEEEEEE-WIIIIIIND” ((when they want you to repeat a certain part)) lol After I finished, one of the event guys asked me to perform Wednesday night at Club Play. He’s supposed to give me the details and get me some tickets to bring my entourage 🙂 I had a great time on the mic♥ Even once intermission rolled around, people in the crowd were coming up to me to let me know they loved the poem, how it moved them, and how amazing I am. No need to toot my own horn… TOOOOOOOT TOOOOOOT LOL Im glad I was well recieved… not that I was expecting anything different. BUT it felt good… 🙂


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