Make It Clap!!

Last night was PHENOMENAL. I had such an amazing time with the hubby. This anniversary weekend couldnt get any better if I had wrote it myself♥ The VIP passes to Nocturnal were definitely used. Although we soon realized it wasnt OUR scene, we enjoyed being together. I had a strooooooooong Blue Long Island and the hubby got a Hen and Coke (i think). I got to channel my inner hoodrat as the DJ called out “Pop that pu**y” over the speakers. smh Needless to say, we didnt stay long. Since entry was FREE we didnt feel bad about not feeling the vibe. lol

Once we left… we headed to King Of Diamonds aka Make It Clap town LOL I had never officially been to a strip club before last night. Sure, I went to a white one where the men were stiff and the drinks had to keep coming for us to enjoy ourselves… BUT that was for a bachelorette party waaaay before I got married. The hubby surprised me with the KOD detour. I am sooooo glad he did. I ran into an old friend (Hey Zay) and he gave us free entry tickets. Yaaaaay us! We were VIP all night… no line, no wait, no pay. lol

I finally got the chance to see what all the fuss is about… and I was able to make the concious decision to not allow Terrell to return with his boyz lol J/K But seriosuly, I am officially officially in search of a great “make-it-clap” tutor. I have been giving myself lessons for quite some time now and Im not seeing the results I want. LOL One stripper actually climbed waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to the top of the poll, grabbed the ceiling (its like a warehouse for those who want to create a visual in their minds lol) and did splits on THE CEILING! Like, come on! How can you NOT tip such a hardworking woman?! LOL One thing I did learn… all strippers are not BADD in a good way… some are actually shaped quite poorly… makes a girl in the crowd feel a lil better LOL

Overall, we had a blast. Had a few drinks… saw a few strippers… vibed… chilled… and got in free. ♥ I had tickets to go to Club Atrium tonite… BUUUUUT seeing as how we dont do this club thing often, we couldnt muster up the energy to go for night #2. I dont see how people do it… I’d prefer to have a blast the one night I do go and then let that night marinate for a looooooooong time. lol

Here are some pics from the evening:

My Dude♥
His Wife♥

SN: This is the dress and shoes I bought the other day. Check the previous post♥ Hawt right???


4 thoughts on “Make It Clap!!

  1. Awww, Glad you all enjoyed it! You both look Hawt and Happy :)…and yes the strippers in KOD should be apart of CIRQUE DU SOLEIL!! They are truly acrobatic, lol.

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