IHOP: 2 Years Later

 2 years ago ((March 9, 2009)) we shared our very first meal as The Gordons.

Since we were married in the morning, we chose to take the kids to IHOP. ♥

Although it seemed so odd to outsiders, this breakfast as Gordons was truly memorable.

It was on this day that I knew Iyana could stop asking why my last name was Bullard and not Gordon like theirs.

Some choose to hypenate their last names… in an effort to keep part of their pre-marriage identity…

Although I didnt TECHNICALLY become Mrs. Gordon until a year later, I threw away Bullard immediately. LOL

One of my greatest moments was knowing I belonged with my husband…

I was a part of him and vice versa.

Two became one.

Bullard became Gordon…

…and the Gordons LOOOOOVE IHOP♥  lol

Daddy's Girl♥
Mama's Boy♥

In honor of our anniversary weekend, we went back to IHOP yesterday.

My Little Guy
Thee Ultimate Diva
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon
The Gordon Kids lol

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